Become a Probioway Dealer?

Probioway integrates research and development and technical services, production and customization, domestic trade and foreign trade. Probioway is committed to providing customers with high quality probiotics formula and technical support.
Probioway is willing to establish good relationship with more dealers, we will provide the following sales support and services:
1) Innovative Dealer Support Programs
2) Knowledgeable Sales Representatives
3) Producer Seminars
4) Access to New Business 

We warmly welcome you to become a Probioway dealer. If you wish, please send an email to and provide the following information:
1) Company Name
2) Contact Name
3) Address
4) Phone #
5) E-mail
6) A brief description about why you want to become a Probioway Dealer
We will contact you directly to schedule a time to discuss this business opportunity.


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Tel: +86 21 61673616


Address: B-13C,No.1089, Pudong Avenue, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

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